Every woman likes to feel good with her personal image, and without a doubt, accessories and accessories are a key to achieve it. In addition, we have many options in this regard (handkerchiefs, hats, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, earrings, rings, etc.). However, we must make important decisions regarding the material of our accessories, having to opt for jewelry or imitation jewelry on many occasions. But how are they different?

The Jewelry is an industry dedicated to the production and trade of jewelry and ornaments made with precious metals and stones. We work with materials of great value and weight such as gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. These are pieces of great economic value, not only for the materials, but also for the artisanal value they entail since they require great knowledge and skills to work these elements, creating jewelers true works of art with their work.

As a general rule, pieces of jewelry are bought for very special and punctual occasions by the middle / lower social classes, and as a sign of power on the part of the highest social classes. They are very expensive pieces, very heavy, with exclusive design and classic cut, existing as much variety as the buyer likes and can afford. They are used for formal occasions mainly. However, when they are simple and discreet they can be incorporated into the most casual looks.

Imitation jewelry, for its part, is the industry that produces objects and accessories that are not made of precious materials, but are of great beauty and varied qualities, looking increasingly imitate and even exceed the jewelry . It works with a variety of materials such as porcelain, brass wire, paper pulp, glass paste, enamels, cultured pearls, plated brass, resin, glass, wood, leather, steel, seeds, feathers and semiprecious stones.

Many times the jewelery pieces are covered with precious metals such as gold, silver or rhodium, and when they are well worked it is even difficult to distinguish them from the real jewels. Its added value is undoubtedly the factor design and craftsmanship increasingly appreciated by the person who makes them.

They are light pieces, always in correspondence with fashion and trends, much cheaper than jewelery, and as we have said they enjoy great beauty, more and more quality and creativity of design. Its use is reserved for informal or casual occasions, at most on semi-formal occasions, depending on the type and quality of the jewelery in question.

In Litti we deeply admire the artisanal value of jewelry and imitation jewelry, so we try to always choose high quality and beautiful pieces made in India, to put at your fingertips the best of the talent and art of this wonderful culture, but always adapted to the western style, in accordance with the fashion trends. We have the best for you, chosen with detail and care to make you feel special. Do not forget to see our collections!.