Each new season is an invitation to connect spiritually with its characteristics, becoming aware of the cycles of nature and how we can reflect them in our life to increase our inner growth.

In the specific case of autumn, nature slows down its pace, preparing the way for the silent winter lethargy, posing a time of a soft and beautiful beauty with a very special melancholic touch.

Etymologically the word Autumn means “The Fullness of the Year”, understanding that fullness as a symbol of maturity. Although it could be associated with decadence due to the dryness of the leaves and the fall of these trees, on the contrary, it represents the period in which the crops bloom, allowing us to collect the harvest.

Autumn invites us to let go, as do the trees that, by the breeze, release their leaves so that they now nourish the earth, giving life to new flowers and crops in spring. Moving it to life, it calls us to release objects, relationships and feelings without any regrets, to accommodate new emotions in our life.

Autumn also calls us to prepare ourselves in winter. Just as animals prepare their homes and food, we must prepare our homes, our clothes, our food, our habits, etc. for the new cold season that is getting closer and closer.

And finally the Autumn invites us to thank … we thank the earth for the riches it offers us, fruit of the work of man. Taking it to our life, it is a perfect time to thank and bless all we have, what we have achieved with our effort and that we can enjoy every day, the benefits of nature, the little things, the friends, the moments, and everything what although evident is a true gift of the universe for us.

The leaves that fall in the autumn represent the possibility of giving new life, of working in a new spiritual growth. From Litti we invite you to connect with nature and with this beautiful time of year that is just beginning, and with all the reflections of life that it brings.