WHY DO WE DECORATE OURSELVES? Brief history of accessories

Decorating ourselves with jewelry and accessories is part of the history of humanity, and over time has become a hallmark of both men and women. And it is not enough an article of clothing by itself. The complement will give that special and differentiating touch to any look, and that magic that it generates is one of the things that in Litti Complementos we love about our work.

But, let us start at the beginning. As we know, a add-on (or accessory) is an object that conforms secondarily to a person’s clothing. The accessories are usually divided into two large groups: those that are carried or carried in hand (canes, fans, weapons, bags, umbrellas, etc.) and those that dress properly (footwear, ties, scarves and scarves, hats, glasses , gloves, watches, jewelry and costume jewelery, etc.). Within this context we can find a variety of styles, colors, materials, finishes and details that will make each accessory something special and unique, something that fascinates by itself and that at the same time in conjunction with the rest of the outfit creates an image special and unforgettable for the person who looks them.

Historically, many of the complements (especially jewelery and jewelry) arose in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome, where they were a symbol of status and beauty. Others, such as gloves, umbrellas, handkerchiefs and scarves, arose later due to the need to protect us from the weather conditions, to later become more and more ornate and aesthetic. The handbags emerged in ancient Rome as a solution to the need to transport objects, then became in the nineteenth century pieces of great beauty and mainly female. The watch began as a symbol of masculine elegance in the 18th and 19th centuries, and then also became part of the feminine accessories.

Today the universe of the complement is extremely broad: different companies worldwide have given the complement a new status as a luxury object, significantly improving its design, aesthetic concept and quality of materials, both for men as for women, becoming a place in the world of fashion. Smaller firms and even small goldsmiths and artisans have also managed to make a place in this sector, enjoying the acceptance and admiration of their customers with the creation of very special pieces full of details. And there are so many materials, so many possibilities, so many styles, that the complement has definitely become a unique place in the fashion and life of humanity.

At Litti we are passionate about the Indian culture and the wonderful artisan work of its artists and goldsmiths. That’s why in our accessories firm we look for special and different pieces that also have that European and trendy touch that Spanish women love so much. We are passionate about the exotic and different but elegant and with good taste, so in our accessories you will always find something unique. We love our work and we love being able to share it with our friends and clients.