The official religion of India is Hinduism which is one of the richest and millenary in the world. It is a polytheistic religion that brings together beliefs, traditions and myths that have been passed on from generation to generation until today.

Each and every one of the gods of India are wonderful and have an incredible story worthy of being known, as well as a very characteristic physical representation that is part of the collective imagination of this culture, being found in temples, homes, accessories and endless spaces and surfaces.

That is why in Litti we want to dedicate some of our posts to get to know each of the gods of Indian culture. Today we will talk about Indra.

The god Indra is known as the king of the gods , the lord of heaven and main god of the Vedic religion, which is the predecessor of Hinduism. In Hinduism he becomes king of all the demigods or inferior gods. He is also known as the god of war, the atmosphere, the visible sky, the storm and the thunderbolt.

In his representation, the god Indra always appears with a lightning like weapon and mounted in a white elephant of seven tubes called Airavata. The aspect of Indra is also very particular because it has white and yellowish skin, and the body covered with eyes with eyelids that are what allow you to see everything that happens in the world.

He is a very special God with the beautiful mission of caring for and protecting other gods and humans from all evil and danger .

In Litti we are passionate about Hindu mythology and we hope to continue sharing their stories with you.