I would like to explain you about the origin of God Ganesha and its meaning for Hinduism.

Ganesha or Ganesh is the son of the god Shiva and the goddess Parvati. It is the God of wisdom , of roads and letters. His mount (vahana) is a mouse.

It is usually represented with four arms, large belly and elephant head. He is the chief of Shiva’s armies, the gaṇas, supernatural beings. His two wives are Buddhi (intelligence) and Manas (mind).

According to the legend, Parvati had his son while Shiva was in the war against the asuras (demons). One day Parvati went to bathe, and asked Ganesha to watch the door of the room. At that time, Shiva, who was unaware of his wife’s pregnancy, returns home. Ganesh did not recognize his father, nor did he recognize his son, so the young god forbade him to pass. There was a fight and Shiva was enraged, beheaded Ganesha. When he realized that he had killed his son, and before the weeping of the disconsolate mother, Shiva came down to earth with the promise of giving his son the head of the first being he encountered. It turned out to be an elephant.

Protect the home and bring luck in the companies , so it is usually seen in shops and near the door of the houses. Ganesha is also the divinity of studies and intellectuals : it is the symbol of knowledge and the Hindu students invoke it to pass their exams.