There is no doubt that Mahatma Gandhi is a universal reference for Hindu spirituality and philosophy of life. We know this Indian lawyer, thinker and politician for his great contributions in the independence struggle in India, as well as for his great contributions to social integration and the reconciliation of religious conflicts in his country. But beyond his scope as a statesman, we want to highlight his great influence as a spiritual teacher for the new generations

Gandhi’s gentle, wise and empathetic personality have made him a true icon of integrity and spirituality as a motivating source for life, which from all corners of the world we take as a reference not only for peaceful and ideological struggles, but also as a source of inspiration for life itself. 

His reflections on different aspects of life such as tolerance, justice, dignity, freedom, progress, love and peace constitute a true roadmap to achieve a full, peaceful and harmonious life that we should all know in some way. way. Beyond the political and social context that always marked him, Gandhi’s teachings for life are truly significant and very beautiful. 

Gandhi’s ideas are based on the principle of “Ahimsa” or “non-violence”, which consists of an attitude of refusing to kill or harm others through thought, word or action. Starting from this, he developed procedures for peaceful demonstration totally innovative for his time, such as dialogue, peace marches, public prayers, fasts and hunger strikes, all activities that have transcended to the present day, creating a new way of pose the ideological struggle. 

At Litti we feel fully identified with Gandhi’s philosophy. We admire his ability to fight and all that he achieved for India, but above all the ideological legacy of peace and harmony for life that he has left for the new generations. A harmonious and peaceful life is the best way to happiness, and we are sure that Gandhi’s reflections are an excellent alternative to reflect and achieve it.