Litti Complementos is born out of our love for India and the excellent accessories that are made there.
Here you will find a varied selection of handmade products that fit
perfectly with the western taste.

For a woman with personality who likes the exoticism of India: antique silver jewelry, pashminas in noble fabrics (cashmere, baby wool, linen and cotton), costume jewelery and vintage patchwork bags (made with antique Saris fabrics). Through this website we want people like you to appreciate the magnificent craftsmanship that gives us India, giving you the opportunity to get a piece at a really interesting price.

LITTI Complementos is a project that was born in 2015 after many years traveling to India knowing its culture, its craftsmanship and its people.

From that relationship and with a deep respect for Hindu craftsmanship, we came up with the idea of ​​creating an easy, detailed and very visual online store to get these pieces to people excited about this type of art.

The jewels and accessories are as important in our style as the clothes we wear, differentiates and makes us unique, says a lot about us and with them we transmit many things without saying it, that is why we put the maximum of illusion in combination with our experience of more than 20 years in the fashion industry to bring unique pieces that reflect our way of understanding life.

We want to turn the complement into the protagonist of your look.

Our pieces are characterized for being elegant and apparently simple although with a touch of sophistication derived from the strong personality of this country adapted to the European taste.

For the making of the jewels, various metals have been used, ranging from gold, silver and occasionally brass, to which semiprecious stones, pearls and other alternative materials such as glass, wood and even textiles are mounted.

We always work with great care and putting a lot of love into what we do because it is something that we love. Enjoy it!