YOGA: A tool for life

The practice of Yoga is one of the main legacies that Hindu culture has left to Westerners. A perfect blend between physical and spiritual activity, yoga is a discipline that transforms lives into the positive, bringing many benefits.

Yoga is a thousand-year-old mental and physical discipline from India, which seeks the union of the soul with the “divinity” from a spiritual and physical interpretation of the self. The term derives from Sanskrit and means “union”. Its objective is to strengthen the body and mind of those who practice it through the combination of a series of postures called asanas with breathing and relaxation. It is a way of life that heals and strengthens people, improving their physical and mental health.

While it is true that there are more than a hundred types of yoga different, in the West we know and practice different styles derived mainly from Hatha Yoga.

The dynamics of all yoga class is very simple: in sessions of approximately one hour and after having carried out a previous warm-up, the different postures are harmonized with the breath, to finish with a small session of meditation and interior connection.

The Benefits of Yoga are many, and among them we can mention that it improves our capacity for intuition, our flexibility and our position. It also increases our energy and improves our immune system, strengthening the muscular and immune system. Relieves physical and mental stress, which gives us inner peace and creates awareness of the present. And finally it favors good physical and mental fitness throughout the year and helps us lose some weight.

The Yoga practice is a continuous and individual process, an inner and conscious search that will bring you many benefits to the extent that it is practiced frequently and deeply. In Litti we are practicing assistants of Yoga and fortunate to be able to enjoy their benefits in our lives. Try it!